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Entertainment law firm specializing in Film, TV and New  Media transactions


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From IDEA to FINISHED PRODUCT, you need guidance.  I can help you navigate through all of the legal matters that arise - whether that's contracts, setting up a legal entity, insurance, intellectual property and everything else needed to protect your project.

You focus on the creative - I'll focus on the rest.

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I love the creative process and helping it thrive.  Most creative people are great at being creative, but have no clue what to do when dealing with legal matters.  They need someone in their corner that can help them.

On top of that, there is a significant portion of the industry that simply can't afford to pay big law firm fees.  Most simply go the DIY route and hope for the best. 


I do this by working almost exclusively on a flat-rate basis.  The process is simple:  


  1. We meet - either by phone or in-person.

  2. You provide a brief description of your situation.

  3. I provide you with a flat-fee, which is the total amount you will pay for my help with your project.

This accomplishes several things:

  • Easier to budget your project - just plug my fee into your budget.

  • You can call, email and meet with me any time that you need help without worrying there is an extra cost - because, there isn't.

  • This free-flow communication line ensures that nothing is missed. 




Roy Hadavi, Esq Picture

Roy Hadavi, Esq.

I started my legal career in business law, worked as a solo-practitioner, then as an in-house attorney, then in a small firm.  This gave me the opportunity to learn so many different aspects of helping businesses.

After a while, I realized that although I enjoyed the work, I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.  I have loved movies and television since I was 13 and started collecting movie tickets.  Why not feed my passion?

Since then, I have helped people in the industry (including writers, producers, actors, directors) with so many different types of matters (including trademark and copyright, contracts, setting up a business).

When I am not adding to my movie-ticket collection, or helping my clients with their legal matters, I love to spend time with my family, read, hike or go to the beach.



Tel:  (818) 605-7009

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Serving the Greater Los Angeles, California area

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